Creative Representations

Quarter three has come to a close, and with that comes the demolition and destruction of last quarter’s project products. The cardboard is cut up, the paint is put away, and we are finally able to see the floor again. It’s bittersweet, of course, as the hard work and creativity we watched come to life the last few weeks is put behind us as we move to the next challenge.

Let’s shine some light on the creative projects our students designed last quarter. The challenge was to design a miniature golf hole that represented a historical event. Each hole was required to include at least one simple machine, descriptive sentence strips, and a paragraph summary of their historical event. Throughout the project process, students learned about Newton’s Laws and simple machines, practiced summarizing, conducted historical research, drew out blueprints to scale, designed and constructed their final miniature golf holes. In the end, we celebrated by creating a giant miniature golf course in our very own cafeteria at school!

No project would be complete without some time for reflection, for both students and advisors. If given the chance, there are changes we would all make to our project design, flow, and creations. That’s how we learn – Dream. Do. Reflect. Repeat. And so the cycle continues …

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    Nice to see the ARCTIC Zone still doing its thing, I miss middle school. High school sucks, we should do an AZ 2nd year reunion picnic or something so we can all see each other again.

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