Let’s Hear From Students!

My previous post worked to answer two of our most common questions when it comes to ARCTIC Zone confusions and curiosities. I am now calling on all AZ students, both current and former to share their own voices in the comments of this post to help broaden the perspective and share insider viewpoints and stories.

Students, please consider the following questions before commenting on this post. I urge you to be thoughtful and thorough in your response as you consider the eyes that may fall on your answers.

  1. What did/do you enjoy about your ARCTIC Zone experience?
  2. How did/does the ARCTIC Zone challenge you?
  3. How did/is the ARCTIC Zone helping you to grow as a person and a learner?
  4. High school students – How do you feel the ARCTIC Zone helped to prepare you for high school?
  5. What else would you like to share about your experiences in the ARCTIC Zone?

Thank you for sharing your voices, students! They matter! Now and always…

16 thoughts on “Let’s Hear From Students!

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m an 8th grader in the ARCTIC Zone and my favorite part about it is the opportunities to create something you love. Especially with the Passion Projects, I really enjoy having free reign over what project I choose to do because then I don’t get bored with it. The feeling of finishing a project and having that final product to show off and be proud of is so exciting.


  2. Cienna says:

    In Arcticzone I enjoy being able to do what I love and learn more about my interests. Arcticzone helping me grow as a person by figuring out what I like and how to collaborate with others.


  3. Maddie says:

    I’m a 7th grader in Arcticzone and the thing I love most about it is how of you wanna learn a topic or learn more about the topic. Also I think that this group helped me as a person be more open than keeping everything to my self, and the teachers in the Arcticzone are really nice and you can always ask them for help if you need any.


  4. heavenhuse says:

    I Am A freshman at North High. I did the Arcticzone 2 and a half of my years and Northstar. What I enjoyed about the Arctic zone was that we got to do stuff that we liked/wanted to do. How the Arctic zone challenged me was I had a hard time getting along with people and working together with people so I had to learn how to do that. How the Arctic zone is helping me grow as a person and a learner is that when we had humatites we worked together in groups and learning about alot of skills that will help you later in life. How it helped me as a learner is that I got to learn stuff at my own pace without being rushed and got to learn about what I wanted (most of the time). How I felt the Arctic zone helped me is that it taught me alot of skills to help me in the future and how to work with people you dont even like. A experience I want to share is that I got bullied alot and Mr.Brown and Mrs.Mchamon always stopped it and made me want to go to school. There were people who I didnt like but I still had to learn how to do a project and stuff with them. Also the teachers can tell when you are struggling and will help you and are always there for you. I really Miss the teachers they were amazing! They will always be my favorite teachers! Miss you guys!


  5. Dawson says:

    I am a 6th grader and I am in arcticzone what I am enjoying About arctic zone is I can learn at my speed and not rush threw everything. How the Arctic zone is has been challenging me is that when my groups rush I am like dragged behind them and is is also the opposite way sometimes. So far the ArcticZone has helped me learn and keep up with my team and be a leader for my team.


  6. Chloe says:

    What did/do you enjoy about your ARCTIC Zone experience?
    Having projects that are my own and being able to do what I want and make them about what I like and not just the same as everyone else.

    How did/does the ARCTIC Zone challenge you?
    It is challenging because there are steps it’s not easy and it’s not just making a project we have to do research and all the other things to make it deep.

    What else would you like to share about your experiences in the ARCTIC Zone?
    I think arctic zone is a great learning experience and is any 5th graders are thinking if they should go into Arcticzone I recommend it it is a great learning experience.


  7. Graham says:

    I am a 8th grader in the arcticzone and I experienced my strengths and not my strengths, I enjoyed working with new people and l loved talking to my friends, something that is challenging in the arcticzone is learning the process of the projects as a newer student. Arcticzone is helping me grow because the project are pushing me to move forward and challenge myself to learn more. Arcticzone zone is a fun place to be in, the teacher are pretty dope they help whenever and I think that through out my arcticzone time I’ve improved as a learner, leader, and a good student.


  8. Ben says:

    What did/do you enjoy about your ARCTIC Zone experience?
    It’s an amazing tool to learn. You can learn at your own pace and there are different themes per quarter.

    How did/does the ARCTIC Zone challenge you?
    Don’t let the theme deceive you. They are challenging to an equal extent. It’s fun, challenging, and educational.


  9. Alexa says:

    What did/do you enjoy about your ARCTIC Zone experience? The thing I most enjoy about the Arcticzone experience is the teachers and how they help us grow and learn as a person they leave a big impact on me.
    How did/does the ARCTIC Zone challenge you? It challenges me when I don’t get something I have to try harder like the modules.
    How did/is the ARCTIC Zone helping you to grow as a person and a learner? The Arcticzone is helping me learn to be more confident or comfortable about what I’m doing and not being so shy to speak up. They helped me as I learner to do differently activities and new information
    What else would you like to share about your experiences in the ARCTIC Zone? We have so much fun when ms McMahon drops her book mark or dose something than cry’s we all so don’t cry it’s ok, also with mr brown the random singing moments or conversations.


  10. Cadence Trzeb says:

    I like the passion project part of arctic zone. It’s super fun! The Flex Projects are the real challenge in Arctic zone. I’ve had lots of trouble with them.


  11. Aubrey says:

    I’m a 6th grader in the Arctic Zone and one thing I really like about it is the passion projects, because you able to work on something that you have always wanted to do or research. It is really nice being able to do something that you enjoy. Something that is hard is working with other people, it’s hard to not do everything you want to do and let other people help.


  12. Gabriella says:

    My name is Gabriella and I am really enjoying the Arctic Zone! I think the Arctic Zone is going to help me a lot in High School and College! Arctic Zone is awesome!


  13. Jack Wendtland says:

    I am a 9th grader at North and I was in the Arctic Zone for 3 years. I really enjoyed the creative aspect of the Arctic Zone. Students are able to do project on what interests them and what there passions are. I think that the Arctic Zone definitely shaped me into the person I am now and prepared me for high school and for life. In the Arctic Zone you learn more that just the basic math, science, social studies, and english. You learn people skills, problem solving skills, and how to make learning fun. I have learned skills in the Arctic Zone that I still use on a daily or weekly basis. For instance video editing and building stuff. The Arctic Zone challenged me to work with kids that I wouldn’t have picked to work with. This helped me to develop better team work, collaboration, and time management skills. The Arctic Zone also challenged me not to be just good enough but to exceed the standard and to strive for excellence. The Arctic Zone really helped to prepare me for high school. Now I can work in a group with almost anyone, write better essays, and be more efficient with my time. The Arctic Zone has so many other amazing qualities but these are a few of the standouts to me. I have a lot of great memories in the Arctic Zone and it made my middle school years fun.


  14. Lydia says:

    I am currently a sophomore at North High School, and I was in the ARCTIC Zone from 6th-8th grade.

    What did you enjoy about your ARCTIC Zone experience?

    My favorite thing about being in the ARCTIC Zone was being able to have such open communication with my teachers and fellow classmates. In high school, you have to send an email in order to get a hold of your teachers and have a one on one conversation with them. In the ARCTIC Zone, I was able to reach out to Ms. McMahon or Mr. Brown whenever I needed to, and they were always there and willing to help. The same goes for my general communication with classmates, I was able to pursue my challenges with other people and problem solve rather than just looking at an answer key.

    How did the ARCTIC Zone challenge you?

    This program never allowed me to sit idly by and coast through middle school. My teachers were always pushing me to do more to learn more, which was really amazing for me. I remember an analogy Ms. McMahon used. Our learning is like a fishbowl, and we are the fish. If we chose, we can do really well in an area that we exceed at, and be the large fish in a small bowl. Or, we can choose to challenge ourselves and expand our knowledge of the world, constantly learning new things and exploring more. (A small fish in a big bowl) Though I felt out of place sometimes, I learned a lot about things I never would have expected to, simply because I was given that opportunity.

    How do you feel the ARCTIC Zone helped to prepare you for high school?

    All of those soft skills that we learn as adults (communication, organization, planning, kindness, curiosity, self-sufficiency, etc.) were shown to me through the ARCTIC Zone. Ms. McMahon and Mr. Brown would know, I was AWFUL at organizing my stuff in middle school, but being in the ARCTIC Zone allowed me to work through that and change that about myself. Now, I am very organized and particular about where I put things. In order to succeed in life, one must have a certain skill set beyond their academic abilities, and I feel being in this program helped me immensely with that.

    With that, doing online learning has been so much easier, because I was so prepared with my knowledge of Canvas and learning on my own that it wasn’t too much of a struggle. (Relatively speaking)

    What else would you like to share about your experiences in the ARCTIC Zone?

    The ARCTIC Zone gave me a second home. A place where I could share secrets and feelings with my friends, but also work with them and learn new things. I got so close with my class specifically, (the guinea pig class, about 25 people) many of who I am still friends with today! I loved being able to have that family, and I miss it a lot.


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