Challenge Accepted!

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe we see things the way we want to see them, but moments like tonight just inspire me and make me feel good. Let me explain…

Being that today was our first day back from winter break, I presented my students with a New Year Challenge – A 30 Day Writing Challenge. We will be using John Spencer’s video writing prompts on his new YouTube Channel to inspire some fun topic ideas while we explore what it feels like to put pen to paper for short bursts of time. Today we wrote about Superman’s brother, Carl, and we wrote for a total of five minutes.

You can imagine the reactions I received from each class as I presented the challenge – many moans and groans. Five whole minutes?! I was pleased, however, when the timer went off, to hear students commenting on how quickly those minutes really cruised by. We will slowly increase the duration of time, but for now, the goal is just to get more comfortable writing.

Here’s where it gets interesting – my random act of fate, if you will.

Sitting on my couch at home tonight, while sifting through today’s emails, a new one popped up with a new post from another blog I follow. The author is A.J. Juliani, who happens to be the author of a few books I have enjoyed.

The title of today’s blog: 30 Days of Blogging Challenge (Are You In?) 

What!? As you can guess, he challenges his readers and fellow bloggers to trust ourselves and just sit down and write more. He taps into some of the common reasons why bloggers convince themselves not to write…

There are a lot of barriers that keep us from blogging, writing, and sharing more. Here are just a few that go through my head each day:

  • I don’t have enough time…
  • I have to do this and this instead of blogging…
  • I don’t have anything special to write about, it would be boring…
  • No one really wants to hear about this and it’s just a waste of time…
  • Everyone else is writing about important and interesting work/lives…

I find the last three bullet points are what get me most. I often feel like I need to wait for that lucky strike of inspiration or that important event to occur in order to write something others will find worth reading. And yet, I talk my husband’s ear off every night about the things happening at school each day, so what’s the difference? How can I create a challenge for my students and not be willing to dive in myself?

So, challenge accepted. I submitted my entry to the challenge just prior to typing this post. Here are my goals for the next 30 days:

  • I will write at least 250 words about things going on in the ARCTIC Zone every day.
  • I will post to this blog two times every week.



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