A Different Kind of Countdown

In my old classroom, by this time of the school year, my summer break countdown had likely been posted for several weeks. As each day was counted off, my students and I received another breath of air, reminding us we could, in fact, make it to the end. How different things are now…

In the ARCTIC Zone, we currently have two countdowns going. Yes, we are all looking forward to summer break. Yes, we talk about how exciting and crazy it is that we’re nearing the end of our first program year. The more important item, however, on everyone’s mind is how many days are left until the end of our final theme. In other words, how many days are left until our Wellness Fair? And how many days are left until the final deadline for all of our personal goals?

The daily conversations are no longer about cruising through these final days to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. The conversations I am having with my students at the end of this year, and the ones they are having with each other, are all about how to use every minute of every day we have left! We may only have 9 days of school left and 7 days left of our “Wellness” theme, but there is still A LOT going on in the ARCTIC Zone.

Online course goals are being worked on, fiction novels are being read, and informational articles are being analyzed. Persuasive essays are being written, and Passion Projects are being assembled for our school Wellness Fair next Friday. Personal wellness goals are being tracked and analyzed in Humanities, and our very own Northstar flower and vegetable gardens are being planted in STEM.

Students in the ARCTIC Zone are not gazing out the window at blue, sunny skies, dreaming of what they could be doing. They are hard at work, focusing on accomplishing their final goals of the school year. Good to the last drop!


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