Legacy Living Museum Night


Wow! Our very first public passion project presentation was an enormous success! Each of our students chose a person they consider a hero and spent the last six weeks preparing to bring that person to life at our Living Museum Night. They each created an exhibit about their person, wrote an informational article, and became their person for the evening.

Group - Large

We were overwhelmed by the turnout from families, friends, staff, school board members, and other ECASD educators! Our students were definitely put to the test as they were questioned by guests about their person. Remember – they were expected to become their person – so they had to think and talk like the person! There were SO many positive comments about how well they all stayed in character, how well they knew their person, and how hard they had clearly worked on their displays!

Today was an exciting day as they each received their stack of feedback forms guests filled out at the event last night. Assessment doesn’t get more meaningful than having your family, friends, and a group of strangers evaluating and commenting on the quality of your product and presentation skills! THANK YOU to all of our guests for providing support and powerful feedback to our excited group of learners!


It was so fun and rewarding to watch the group rally together the last two days. Yesterday, I watched numerous times as students who were not yet prepared with costume pieces or artifacts were swarmed by others who wanted to help them get ready. And on top of our successful event last night, today was the final day of our Legacy theme, the final deadline for all theme tasks and goals. The group goal they established at the start of this theme was to meet at least 251 of the 275 collective deadlines spread throughout this six-week theme. At the start of the day today, they still needed 17 more X’s to be added to our accountability chart. When the final bell rang, they had surpassed their goal – earning them the read-in/movie day they chose for next Friday!

Accountability Chart

And on a final note, Andy and I were so excited after the event last night, we already have our next public passion project presentation in the works – and it will be here much sooner than we had originally anticipated. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job? 🙂


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