Before we break…

Top of the mornin’ to ya! It’s hard to believe spring break is upon us. As we near the end of third quarter and the end of our Legacy theme, we have plenty going on in the ARCTIC Zone! Students are working to complete each of their individual goals for this theme. Checks are being added to the chart daily!


Passion projects are coming together. Our Living Museum Night is beginning to take shape as students are collecting their costume pieces, organizing artifacts, and polishing their informational articles before sending them to print! The buzz in the air makes me smile.

To wrap up the week before heading out to break, Mr. Brown’s advisory made it to the final free-throw competition held in front of the entire student body today! Though they didn’t take home the win, it was fun to watch each one of them give it their all and cheer each other on until the very end!

Finally, Steve Betchkal from Chippewa Valley Community Television was here in January to film a story about our program, and it aired this week! The first video is a short documentary that takes a close look at a real day in the life of a student in the ARCTIC Zone. The second video is a full interview between Steven and myself that covers the creation and progress of the ARCTIC Zone. If you have several minutes, both videos are well worth the time!

ARCTIC Zone Documentary 

Interview Link 

Please feel free to comment on the progress of our ARCTIC Zone, our blog, or either of the linked videos! Have a wonderful spring break!

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