Staying Informed

There has been quite a bit of buzz in education surrounding how to approach teaching about the presidential  election this year, given recent events and strong emotions from both sides. Our program is built on authentic, real-world learning and developing independent thinkers and learners. As touchy or as heated or as uncomfortable as things get while we inch closer to election day, it’s happening! It’s real! And our students need to know about it.

We have spent a lot of time independently researching what each candidate stands for and what their leadership qualities, previous experiences, beliefs and values, and weaknesses are. We’ve talked about what it means to remain impartial until you learn the facts and how important it is to make a decision for yourself, based on your own thoughts and beliefs, regardless of what those around you think or say.

Each student created an informational slideshow to inform voters about our two candidates. From here, we are moving on to political advertising and tactics used in the media to persuade voters one way or another.

Congratulations to Molly and Hannah for winning our slideshow competition!

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