Learn by reflecting…

And we’re off!

The last week has been spent building relationships and building teamwork! Our students have plunged into a lot of different collaborative activities that have required them to work together and to think critically to come to a solution. They are already realizing the process by which you obtain a final product is far more important than the product itself.

The activity photographed above was taken last week when students worked in small groups to solve a math puzzle. None of the groups were successful in solving the puzzle, so it was a surprise to them when we asked them to reflect back on the activity again this week. I have heard many responses like, “We didn’t finish it, so how can we answer questions about it?” We’re missing something here…

I heard this from a colleague recently, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me sharing it…

We are so often told the way to learn is by doing. As much as I agree with getting our students up and moving around and digging their hands into the learning process, I have come to realize this statement is not very accurate. We do not learning by doing. It is the thinking involved while doing and after doing that lead to new or realized ideas. We learn by reflecting. It is by looking back on our successes and our failures that the real learning takes place. A powerful lesson our ARCTIC Zone students are already piecing together!

Also, on a side note, you can see our space is still under a bit of construction. Props to our students for rolling with it and making it their own!


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